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Haus Store is here to provide you with more information, answer any of your questions and create effective solutions for your individual needs, such as design, quotes and qualified recommendations for your dream kitchen.


Elegance, Innovation

And Beauty

An innovative combination, for an elegant kitchen-living room that transmits good taste and personality. A refined and stylish kitchen that will beautify the house.


A Classic Elegance

more Current than Ever.

In kitchens of Haus Store we observe different ways of interpreting the space with a new and personal style, to reflect the elegant tastes of the client



The environment specially designed to renew your Energy.

There are truly inspiring bathrooms that, in addition to fusing elegance and functionality, leave us dreaming for a long time or imagining how much we would like to stay there for hours on end.


The most pleasant space that makes you Reflate

When we see a bathroom like this we know that you would like to be in a relaxing place, in such a way that our subconscious will take us to this room to enjoy a pleasant moment


An intimate space that satisfies our tastes

A space as intimate as the bathroom deserves special care when considering its decoration. The most prominent firms know this and therefore they take care of pampering it with furniture and accessories that can satisfy our tastes.