H aus Store he announces his exclusive room, which collects the wishes of his owner, who wanted to have in a single space several areas of use and enjoyment: TV area, furniture and complete comfort. In short, a room where you can comfortably and live different activities and hobbies between friends and family.

In a space designed for the enjoyment between friends and family for it, the team of Haus designed an impressive piece of furniture decorated with a table and with a centerpiece of metal table according to the whole space

We have prepared a Selection of Family Kitchens that will Inspire You.

Currently the kitchen in most homes, the nerve center of the house, and more in these dates, which becomes one of the places where we spend more time. Here they decide and prepare the menus, orchestrate the evenings, rhythm of meals. It is a place not only for cooking, but also for meeting with friends and family, chatting while having a glass of wine. We have prepared a selection of family kitchens that will inspire you, or make you dream, when it comes to turning your kitchen into the heart of the house, because apart from salons, our team is specialized in Classic Kitchens, Custom Kitchens, Modern Kitchens, Living Rooms of Baths and much more.

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