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HAUS Remodeling Store emerges as an idea of creating a multi-disciplinary concept of a “ONE STOP STORE” that allows the client to find the engineering, architecture, design and decoration which is what we call in our store “Remodeling”. Hoping that what people wish to replace, modify or even change in any particular space in their homes or offices such Kitchens, Closets, Vanities, TV Stations, Shower Glass Doors, Glass Railings, Wallpapers, and many more, can be found in HAUS Remodeling Store, not only getting any bathroom or kitchen part they need but also having a much more precise global idea of what they wish to do in those areas or spaces going from a remodeling job to any area final decoration job. We assume the commitment on each activity the client decides to do.

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Haus Store

A classic kitchen will make your space unmatched, you can be in the kitchen with your family and easily remember those moments in the kitchen of your ancestors or those meetings with your loved ones, it is not an integral kitchen, it has high quality elements and unique materials what makes this kitchen memorable.

Haus Store

The Haus Store Design resulted in a sophisticated and elegant space. The use of different shades of marble that define the different areas within the bathroom, as well as the choice of special pieces of furniture. The bathtub attracts attention, centered around it and exclusive accessories, while the washbasin is placed the combination of marble and a large mirror with special edges and finishes that make shine all the beauty of this bathroom.

Haus Store

Custom kitchens customized on measure and design, with great style and a spectacular view, you can choose your own design that goes with your personality and lifestyle.

Manufactured with the best materials, the best professionals and the right equipment and tools to guarantee a great product, famous for its durability and quality.

Haus Store

It will be for its traditional flavor, for the warmth of natural materials, for the cozy air that surrounds them ... there is no doubt that rustic kitchens have a special charm, which far from being reserved for country houses or beach, is also a perfect option for urban floors. The amplitude and luminosity of this kitchen allowed to place a central island, around which all the wooden furniture were arranged

Haus Store

The House Haus Store has a record satisfying all its customers, providing exclusive services, which has special Closets for Ladies and Gentlemen, according to their style and personality, with the spacing of their preference, compartments and cabinets innovated and elegant that make reality the expected Dream

Haus Store

This modern kitchen, with an L-shaped layout, is an excellent example of how to achieve a clean, elegant and bright space, truly enjoyable for all families.

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